Best Bagless Vacuums In 2023

Buying a new bagless vacuum involves more thought than you might think. Because there are so many bagless vacuums to choose from, what starts as a simple task becomes complicated. We’ll tell you about the Best Bagless Vacuums on the market now that you’ve decided you want a bagless vacuum.


The Shark Navigator NV356E vacuum cleaner is designed primarily for cleaning hardwood floors. This is one of the most adjustable upright vacuums on the market right now.

It has a lot of cool features and bells and whistles that make it an excellent choice for cleaning pet hair from upholstery and crevices. It is also effective for cleaning many types of floors, particularly hardwood, as well as closets and staircases.

This machine, as expected, has a HEPA filter to provide thorough cleaning and a swivel head that is very easy to operate. It operates silently and provides exceptional performance, which is unusual for goods in its class.

The anti-allergen sealing technology in this vacuum traps dust and particles, keeping them from contaminating the air in your home. As a result, the Shark NV356E is an excellent alternative for folks who have pets or allergies.


  • Deep cleaning
  • Easy to use
  • Extremely low cost
  • Extremely adaptive and durable
  • Reliable quality


  • There is no internal storage
  • A limited cleaning path

Shark Rotator Upright NV752 (our top selection) is one of the best upright bagless vacuums for the majority of people to buy in terms of power, ease, and balance.

This multi-floor vacuum is ideal for cleaning hardwood, carpets, rugs, and pet hair because it is designed to give both standard and floor-to-ceiling cleaning.

This equipment is exactly what is needed to clean up after Fido and maintain a clean environment. Because it has so many important capabilities that all work together to finish the task, it delivers exceptional value for money.

A swivel steering wheel makes it easy to move around, LED lights make it easier to see dirt and debris, and a motor that operates quietly but has great suction power and is efficient are just a few of the advantages.


  • Easy to use
  • Outstanding performance
  • Extremely efficient
  • Reduced decibel level
  • A powerful sucking force
  • Design with several functions


  • Quite heavy

The 600-watt engine in this vacuum makes it more powerful than any prior Shark Rocket model. As a result, you can expect maximum power and efficiency from this model.

This device includes a sliding switch instead of a trigger, making it simple to turn on and off.


  • Affordable
  • Very effective
  • Small design
  • Although being lightweight and high-quality


  • Accessibility issues, incompatibility with larger bathrooms

The Bissell 1650A Pet Hair is one of Bissell’s best-performing upright vacuums and our runner-up pick for the best upright bagless vacuum for pet hair.

As a result, it is one of the most popular vacuum cleaners for removing fur, hair, dirt, and allergies from the home. This appliance differs from others in its class in that it features a hair-spooling mechanism that makes cleaning considerably easier.

Unlike many others, this machine isolates hair from other sorts of debris, saving you the hassle of cleaning them together. This is made possible by the hair spooling technique.

Bissell 1650A comes with a number of gadgets to assist you clean your furniture properly. You will never have to bother with a dirty floor, carpet, or furniture again.


  • Easy to use
  • Extremely efficient
  • Highly adaptable
  • Removes offensive odours


  • Suctioning mistakes multiply

Tineco Pure ONE S11 is a great option for bare flooring. When equipped with its soft roller head, it can easily manage pet hair and small and large rubbish, with no significant loss of suction force as the dustbin fills.

It’s also great for getting dirt out of cracks and crevices. The vacuum is simple to maintain and incurs minimal ongoing costs. However, it appears brittle in certain places, particularly the HEPA filter housing.


  • Automatic power output adjustment
  • Excellent bare floor performance
  • The battery is replaceable and detachable
  • Design that is simple to change
  • Low recurring costs


  • On the spot, it feels brittle
  • The maximum battery life is disappointing
  • There is no mopping capability

The Miele Triflex HX1 is also well-built and incredibly portable, with a three-in-one design that can be adjusted to fit a variety of cleaning tasks. Although it is simple to maintain, it contains a small dirt chamber that must be emptied regularly.

The Miele Triflex HX1 operates admirably on bare floors. It easily gathers pet hair as well as small and heavy waste like grains and cereal.


  • Excellent bare-floor performance
  • Hair is removed from all surfaces
  • Good construction quality
  • There are few ongoing expenses


  • Small dirt compartment

The Dyson V15 vacuum cleaner is great for cleaning bare flooring. It easily removes pet hair and small and large debris from this surface, and its suction performance remains consistent as the dirt compartment fills.

It is also very maneuverable and, if properly maintained, has essentially no ongoing costs. However, it does not appear to be very sturdy, and several components require frequent cleaning.


  • Excellent overall cleaning efficiency
  • Made of a lightweight, nimble material
  • There are almost no ongoing expenses


  • Not feeling particularly strong

  • Demanding maintenance requirements

The WYZE 24 Kpa Powerful Suction Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is an excellent option for eliminating pet hair. It has a HEPA filter that captures allergens and easily takes up pet hair from various surfaces. 

Also, while a motorized turbo brush is not supplied, one can be purchased separately. Sadly, many of its primarily plastic components appear to be delicate, and many of them require frequent cleaning.

The brush roll can be removed to make removing hair wraps easier.


  • Excellent pet hair removal efficiency
  • HEPA filter on board
  • There are almost no ongoing expenses


  • Numerous components must be cleaned on a regular basis

  • In places, it feels pretty flimsy

Buying Guide

We’ve highlighted a few key features to consider while shopping for a bagless vacuum.

The capacity of Dust Receptacles

Due to the lack of a bag, you should pay special attention to the maximum capacity of the dust canister. Smaller ones, on the other hand, can only clean up tiny areas before needing to be emptied.

Dust canisters are expected to have volumes ranging from 0.4 to 4.5 litres. As a result, if you have a wide area to clean, you might wish to use a larger can. Making multiple trips to the trash can while vacuuming quickly may be inconvenient.

Cable Winding Machine

If you purchase a stick vacuum with a chord, check sure the cable automatically winds back up. In other words, because the wire is retractable, there is no need to coil it up again.

It is also easy to store because the cord is concealed within the vacuum and cannot become entangled in anything.

Brush Roll Picker

Brush rollers are not suitable for every type of flooring. While they may be effective for carpet cleaning, they may damage your home’s hard flooring. You may easily switch between different floor types by pressing a button to activate or deactivate the brush roll.


Some cordless vacuum cleaners are powered by a rechargeable battery. A cordless vacuum may provide additional mobility, but a runtime of 40 minutes or fewer may not be appealing.

Yet, cordless vacuums are ideal for use in closets, automobiles, and garages where there are no plugs available.

Think about if you’ll need to charge it for a few hours in between uses. If the battery is dead, this makes spot cleaning harder.

It is entirely up to you whether you want a corded or cordless vacuum.

HEPA filtration

Eighty per cent of allergy patients believe their symptoms impair their quality of life. Using a vacuum with a HEPA filter regularly may help you deal with these symptoms.

This high-efficiency particulate air filter is capable of removing 99.9% of airborne particles. Pollen, bacteria, and pet dander are examples of allergens that can induce sneezing and itching.

Vacuum Design

Many people use an upright vacuum cleaner as a matter of habit. They feature the maximum suction force for thorough cleaning and are best suited for carpets and hard surfaces. They may also have the greatest capacity dust canister.

Then there are canister vacuums. They are typically lighter than upright vacuums due to their shape, and they have a flexible hose and cleaning head. You simply drag the thing after you.

They may also be more transportable and versatile. The low profile of the head may also make it easier to manoeuvre in small spaces.

The stick vacuum is the most compact and lightweight vacuum available. They typically weigh between four and ten pounds. This may be great for cleaning up small messes and for those who suffer from back pain.


To maintain a bagless vacuum functioning efficiently, the dust canister must be emptied on a regular basis. You should also disassemble the vacuum every few months and wash all of the parts that can be disassembled with soap and water.

Because a bagless model lacks a completely sealed system, you should also dust the interior components using a can of compressed air regularly. Additionally, as directed by the owner’s handbook, clean or replace the filters.

It is determined by the model chosen and the frequency of use. A bagless vacuum has a typical lifespan of five years, with some versions lasting up to ten. Remember that cordless vacuums aren’t as durable as corded bagless vacuums, so you may need to replace them sooner.

A bagless vacuum can help you keep pet hair and dander at bay in your home. If you have a pet, a variety of brands offer bagless vacuum cleaners designed specifically for pet hair.

Thank you for taking the time to read our comprehensive guide to the Best Bagless Vacuums in 2023. Casual Living USA hopes that this information has assisted you in selecting the best vacuum for your cleaning needs. We believe that our top options are among the best on the market, as bagless vacuums are growing more popular due to their convenience and cost advantages.

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