Best Bissell Vacuums In 2023 

Bissell has established itself as a prominent brand in the vacuum cleaner industry, offering a diverse range of models. Bissell has something for everyone, whether you desire a basic upright vacuum or a versatile portable model. In this piece, we’ll look at the Best Bissell Vacuums in 2023 available.


1. Bissell 2033M

Bissell 2033M vacuum cleaner is an excellent choice for customers looking for lightweight and portable equipment for quick cleanups or professional cleaning. The three operating modes of this model make it easier to clear up smaller messes or accomplish weekly cleaning activities.

Furthermore, this vacuum cleaner weighs less than 5 pounds, making it easy to transport and store for most individuals. Although the cleaning route is rather restricted, users will appreciate the powerful suction that quickly removes pet hair, dust, and grime.

Bissell 2033M vacuum cleaner has a three-in-one design in addition to its strong suction and lightweight build, making it an extremely versatile cleaning tool. At the touch of a button, this device quickly converts between stick vacuum, hand vacuum, and stair vacuum modes.


  • Very lightweight
  • Dust receptacle without a bag
  • Many cleaning modes
  • Suction power
  • Easy to clean


  • Not very effective on thick carpets
  • This vacuum cleaner’s power wire is only 27 feet long
  • Loud noise

The Bissell 2252 vacuum cleaner is a wonderful choice for folks who wish to swiftly and effectively clean carpeted and hard floors. This type boasts fast-spinning bristles and a 13.5″ cleaning path, making it a viable top-mounted self-propelled vacuum.

This model also includes a clear 1L dust container and a bottom-empty design for easy emptying. Although the suction on this vacuum cleaner is not the greatest, clients will appreciate the included speciality equipment and long cleaning cord.

The Bissell 2252 vacuum cleaner boasts an almost borderless brush head that allows users to clean around furniture and baseboards in addition to a wide cleaning range and speciality hose attachments.


  • Good adaptability
  • A lengthy cleaning path
  • Hose length: 6 ft


  • Suction is inadequate

The Bissell 2486 vacuum cleaner is an appealing option for people looking for a lightweight vacuum with outstanding manoeuvrability for tight places or hauling upstairs.

This vacuum cleaner has a high-capacity multi-cyclonic cleaning mechanism that keeps material away from the engine, preventing clogging. Furthermore, this model comes with a 25-foot power cord, allowing clients to clean their homes without feeling restricted.

Bissell 2486 vacuum cleaner offers a long power cable and motor protection features, as well as a range of attachments for cleaning corners, blinds, and light dusting. Its performance is comparable to that of the Bissell 3624 SpotClean Professional Portable Vacuum Cleaner.


  • Electrical cord length
  • Design that is light in weight
  • Dispersionless technology


  • A little loud

The Bissell 2390A vacuum cleaner is an excellent choice for customers looking for a portable machine for cleaning upholstery and car interiors. Customers can feel liberated while removing pet hair from curtains or sofa cushions thanks to this model’s rechargeable battery.

The 0.7-litre dirt cup is also easy to empty, and users will appreciate the vacuum’s three-level filtration system. Although the battery life on this model is only 17 minutes on a full charge, its portable design makes it ideal for quickly cleaning up pet accidents.

Bissell 2390A vacuum cleaner comes with specific attachments for tackling a variety of problems in addition to a built-in battery and a respectable dirt receptacle.


  • Excellent brush selection
  • Rechargeable portable battery
  • It is simple to empty


  • Not suitable for large tasks

The Bissell 2156A vacuum cleaner is a wonderful choice for individuals looking for lightweight equipment that can handle difficult cleaning jobs. This device weighs 8 pounds and has a simple operation that allows most people to quickly clean up pet hair, dust, and other dirt.

This model also has a 15-foot power wire that retracts with the press of a single button. Despite the short cleaning path, users will appreciate the powerful suction that makes rapid work of challenging tasks.

Furthermore, the 2L removable dirt cup has an Easy Empty cover for easy and mess-free emptying. The long stick’s form allows individuals to easily manoeuvre around furniture and other obstructions.

Bissell 2156A vacuum cleaner is an excellent tool for cleaning carpets, hard floors, and furniture. Because of its low-profile design and better brushes, this model can clean a variety of surfaces.


  • Suction is excellent
  • 2L dust container
  • 15-foot power cable


  • Substandard cleaning route

Buying Guide

Picking which Bissell vacuum to buy can be difficult. Understanding your requirements and the characteristics indicated below, on the other hand, can help you narrow down your selections.

Energy source

Power cables, on the other hand, might be either overly short or too bulky. Replacing outlets twice or more in each room can be time-consuming, especially if you have to move furniture to get to them.

Battery-powered vacuums can be utilized in many places where there isn’t an electrical outlet. Batteries, on the other hand, drain with time and must be recharged. For bigger areas, corded vacuums are preferable, but battery-powered vacuums are ideal for smaller spaces.

The Vacuum Type

One of the most important considerations is determining the type of vacuum you require. Smaller, portable versions are great for cleaning up minor spills in a vehicle or at work.

The most powerful upright varieties are those that can only clean floors.

Stick vacuums, canister vacuums, and even backpack vacuums have a place. Look for solutions that can clean more than just floors if you want to reduce the number of vacuums and cleaning products you need.


Pets, small children, and allergy sufferers may require HEPA filtration to reduce mould, pollen, and pet dander in their homes.


Accessories not only make an outfit complete, but they also make duties much easier. Some models do not come with any accessories (which may not be needed). Other versions will come with a full bag.

You should go over the numerous attachments (powered cleaning heads, extension wands, speciality brushes, and so on) to see which ones you need and which ones you can live without. Understanding this information dramatically decreases the number of vacuum cleaners available.

Children and Wildlife

Our youngest family members frequently make the biggest messes (unless dad is working in the garage today).

Bissell makes specialized vacuums for these scenarios, such as those that remove pet hair and include scrubbing brushes for stubborn stains.

Floor Designs

You should also be aware of the different types of floors in your home and the proper cleaning methods for each. Brush rollers with stiff bristles may not be suitable for all surfaces.

Some types of flooring would necessitate high RPM rollers for thorough cleaning.

Price and guarantee

Price will always be a consideration. Yet, value and cost are linked. You may spend a little more at first, but the machine’s quality and durability will well outweigh that cost.

Still, you should shop within your budget. You will get the most out of your Bissell vacuum cleaner if you get the functions and style that you require while staying within your budget.

The warranties vary among the Bissell vacuum series. Some last 1 or 2 years, while others can last 5 or even 10 years.

Regardless of the standard two-year length, it is critical to understand what you are acquiring and how long your coverage will genuinely last.


Bissell has been a household name in cleaning appliances since 1876. The brand routinely receives positive comments from customers in polls.

A standard Bissell vacuum should last about eight years. Individual mileage may vary, but if you look after your vacuum, don’t use it at full power when it’s not needed, and perform routine maintenance, you should be able to meet the eight-year norm.

You can use your vacuum regularly without fear of it breaking down. This vacuuming frequency is not suitable for everyone. Cleaning every day, on the other hand, is one of the most efficient strategies to reduce allergens in your home if you have allergies to dust or pollen.

Bissell vacuums continue to be a popular option for customers searching for a trustworthy and effective way to keep their floors clean. Bissell vacuums are available to satisfy the demands of any family, ranging from powerful upright machines to small portable options. Casual Living USA hopes that this information has helped you choose the Best Bissell Vacuums in 2023 for your home based on your cleaning needs, budget, and preferences. Have a good day shopping!

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