Best Dyson Upright Vacuums in 2023

When shopping for a new vacuum, there are numerous brands, manufacturers, models, and colours to consider. Although they all have basic features such as cleaning floors and carpets, selecting the ideal vacuum for you and your home necessitates taking into account more than just the surface you will be scanning.

Based on extensive testing and data analysis, we have established that the models listed below are the Best Dyson Upright Vacuums cleaning in 2023.


The Dyson Ball Animal Origin Upright Vacuum is an excellent vacuum to have in your home. This vacuum cleaner has a big cleaning path and is intended for use in larger households with pets. It has the capacity to clean your home of grime, allergens, and pet hair.

The Dyson Ball Animal Origin Upright Vacuum performed admirably because to its short and firm bristles. These bristles are designed to allow for deep carpet penetration and grime removal while still performing admirably on hard floors. Aside from that, this vacuum cleaner features cutting-edge Radial Root Cyclone technology, which is meant to efficiently remove allergens and particles from your home.

The utilization of Ball technology is one of the most significant benefits supplied by this vacuum cleaner. They may be able to avoid obstacles with a simple flick of the wrist. As a result, dirt may be entirely removed from tight locations such as nooks and crannies.


  • Bristles that are short and firm
  • 15 feet in length
  • Automatically adjusts
  • Ball and Radial Root Cyclone technology


  • Bagless fashion
  • It’s quite heavy

Dyson is best known for its cordless stick vacuum cleaners, which it makes. The Dyson Ball Animal 2 is one of Dyson’s few corded models. It is a bagless upright vacuum cleaner.

The Dyson Ball Animal 2 is a wonderful choice for houses with pets. Its Radial Root Cyclone Technology eliminates hair from any surface, and it includes a turbo brush that makes it easy to vacuum without tangling on furniture.

Aside from that, it boasts an auto-adjusting floorhead, an allergen-trapping HEPA filter, a variety of attachments, and an instant-release wand, and dirt may be emptied with a single button press.


  • A gadget used to groom animals
  • Filtration with HEPA
  • Excellent performance on uncarpeted surfaces
  • When applied on carpets, it is effective


  • The construction quality is subpar

The Dyson Ball Animal Upright Vacuum is one of the most well-known and powerful upright vacuum cleaners on the market today. Dyson’s Ball Animal Upright Vacuum has the strongest powerful suction in the business. (according to Dyson). Dyson’s tiered cyclone architecture provides an amazing 1150 watts of power.

It contains a self-adjusting cleaner head that allows you to easily extend and relocate the cleaning regions, even in tight confines. This allows you to clean a broader range of surfaces.

It also comes with a number of attachments, including supplemental tools for pet owners and a turbine tool that reduces knots.


  • Based on radial root cyclones, this technology
  • A vacuum cleaner with a self-adjusting head
  • An additional resource for pet owners


  • It is quite heavy
  • The dust brush is ineffective

Buying Guide

What Specific Features Should a Dyson Vacuum Have?


The model of Dyson vacuum cleaner that is best for you will be determined by your cleaning routine and lifestyle. The company simplifies matters by offering clients a variety of upright and cordless stick vacuums, as well as a few canister and handheld models.

When selecting a vacuum cleaner for your home, keep in mind that upright versions typically have the best suction and the biggest storage area for dirt and debris. Some portable cordless vacuums offer the same suction as full-size upright vacuums and can fit into tight spots all across the house. Stick vacuums are perfect for daily cleaning because they are lightweight and portable, whilst handheld vacuums are ideal for cleaning specific areas.

Electronic gadget comparison (tethered vs. cordless)

When buying for a Dyson hoover cleaner, the most crucial thing to ask yourself is whether you want a tethered or cordless hoover cleaner. For thorough cleaning, a seemingly unlimited amount of suction power is required, which is best performed with the usage of a corded vacuum cleaner. Furthermore, the dust baskets on Dyson’s corded upright vacuums are larger, resulting in fewer visits to the rubbish can. Because most models include 30-foot-long connections, you won’t have to swap outlets as frequently.

The company’s cordless vacuum cleaners are really popular and should be considered. The battery life on some Dyson models, such as the Dyson Outsize, which we selected as the best for large rooms, has been improved, and the business has shifted to utilizing a click-in power pack. These modifications have made the models even more appealing and lifelike.

Useful Flooring Alternatives

Dyson upright vacuum cleaners are typically suggested for use on all types of flooring, whilst cordless vacuum cleaners come with a selection of cleaning heads specifically intended for different types of flooring. When it comes to cleaning hard-surface floors like wood, tile, or laminate, a roller with soft bristles is often the most effective instrument to employ. A motorized cleaning head with bristles capable of removing hair, grime, and debris will be of great assistance in cleaning all rugs and carpets.

If the room you’re cleaning has a range of floor types and you’re determined to utilize a cordless vacuum for its portability, look for one with detachable cleaning heads.

Accessories are also included in the box

The accessory kit for each Dyson model is unique, however, the bulk of them feature conventional attachments such as crevice tools and combo dusters. Take notice, however, of any special accessories that come with each vacuum cleaner.

You should be able to tell what accessories are included by looking at the name of the vacuum cleaner. “Motorhead” vacuums are frequently simple to use and come with a limited selection of attachments and accessories. The “Animal” edition includes a range of extra attachments that differ by model.


Without a doubt, the Dyson Ball Animal 2 is the most powerful vacuum cleaner we’ve ever tested. The Dyson Ball Animal 2, which we discovered to be the most powerful upright we’ve ever tested, was able to suck 76.3% of our testing dirt in a single pass, which is far higher than the average for upright vacuums of around 33%.

We tested several cordless vacuum cleaners and found that Dyson’s high-end models, such as the V15 Detect and Outsize, perform the best in terms of cleanliness. Furthermore, they outperformed several of the plug-in vacuums we tested. The V15 Detect is an excellent instrument.

The Dyson V8 Absolute came out on top in our study of the best lightweight vacuums due to its ability to capture up to 88% of dirt (greater than some of the higher-powered corded vacuums we evaluated). Furthermore, its battery life was noticeably longer than that of its competitors.

We understand how difficult it is to purchase a new vacuum, so we spent many hours building a list of the Best Dyson Upright Vacuums based on real customer evaluations. We wish you the best of luck in your quest for the perfect product.

Because Casual Living USA recognizes that many individuals suffer when it comes to purchasing household appliances and other essentials, we have decided to offer our knowledge and expertise in the form of articles. We wish you the best of luck on your shopping expedition!

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