Best Handheld Vacuums In 2023

A top-quality portable vacuum suctions up little messes and often contains a dust bin that is simple to deposit into your trash can.

We evaluated the performance, weight, battery life, and attachments of the following portable vacuums in the lab and at home. During testing, we saw how successfully each model removed hair, cereal, flour, and popcorn kernels from four different surfaces, including hardwood floors and several types of carpet.

The following are the Best Handheld Vacuums, as determined by our testing:


The Bissell 33A1 is a powerful handheld vacuum cleaner with a big dust cup capacity of up to 0.78 litres and a unique rubber nozzle that grabs hair and swiftly pulls dirt out of various locations, making it excellent for eliminating pet hair and dander.

The vacuum cleaner is lightweight, weighing only 3.7 pounds. It also boasts a 16-foot power cord for manoeuvrability and an easy-to-empty dust cup to keep users away from debris. Sadly, vacuuming liquids is not an option.

In terms of air filtration, the Bissell 33A1 has a three-stage filtering system that removes germs and mould. It contains an on/off switch that is easily accessible with the fingertips and a comfortable-to-hold handle.

The vacuum cleaner features a powerful suction force for easy cleaning. This compact vacuum, like the best-rated vacuum for apartments, would be great for smaller dwellings.


  • Huge dirt cup volume of 0.78 litres
  • The length of the cable
  • An effective three-stage filtration system


  • Wet messes should not be vacuumed

The Bissell AeroSlim is one of the lightest handheld vacuums on the market. A pint of milk weighs 2 pounds, while our cordless vacuum weighs only 1.3 pounds.

When not in use, it stands upright on a charging station and is roughly a foot in length. This palm-sized portable vacuum will be your go-to for picking up crumbs, hair, dust, and other minor messes.

The amount of power packed into this small vacuum surprised our testers. In our testing, it performed admirably on hardwood, medium, and high-pile carpets. A couple of extra passes on the low-pile carpet were enough to collect all of the dirt.

The crevice tool attachment improves the efficiency of this small vacuum cleaner by allowing access to cup holders and obstructions. This vacuum had difficulty taking up just long hair, which it was unable to agitate sufficiently to release from the carpet.


  • Size is small and compact
  • Suction is strong for its small
  • USB interface cable


  • Little trash can
  • In low-pile carpets, this method is ineffective

Shark WANDVAC is more expensive than comparable portable vacuums, but its high-speed, brushless engine provides excellent suction, according to our in-home product tester.

Its ergonomic shape makes it easy to handle and allows it to reach into confined spots. It is also one of the lightest portable vacuums on the market, at only 1.4 pounds. Replace your dustbuster with this elegant portable vacuum for cleaning around the house and in your car.

Shark WANDVAC is approximately 16 inches long and includes a bristles crevice tool as well as a multi-surface pet tool. When it came to removing pet hair from upholstered surfaces, the crevice tool’s bristles did an excellent job of sweeping up the hair before being suctioned away by the WANDVAC.


  • Design that is simple and lightweight
  • Suction is really strong
  • Emptying without touching


  • Long charging time
  • Little trash can

This BLACK+DECKER Furbuster Handheld Vacuum is fantastic for removing dirt, dust, and debris from a variety of surfaces, and its extra-long crevice tool is perfect for accessing hard-to-reach places.

It features two speeds that customers can switch between as needed, and its 0.75-litre dustbin allows users to use it numerous times before having to empty its large dirt cup. Its 20-volt MAX lithium-ion battery also allows it to run for up to 30 minutes.

Unfortunately, previous customers have reported that its operation is rather noisy. The modest size of this hand vacuum, like the best RV vacuum, would make it useful for a small apartment or camper.

The 0.75-litre dust bin’s one-touch easy empty feature makes emptying a breeze. Users can easily assess how much battery life remains or when it has been fully charged because it contains a battery indicator.


  • Waste containers with a large volume
  • Washable filter and prefilter
  • Time spent running


  • Noisy operation

The Shark CH951 Handheld Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is a lightweight and small gadget featuring a washable filter for easy maintenance and a CleanTouch dirt ejection system that does not require trash contact.

It weighs only 2.8 pounds and is easy to use, including a crevice tool and scrubbing brush for cleaning hard-to-reach spots. The vacuum cleaner has two cyclonic air streams for improved suction and a cordless design that allows for portability. Its battery life, however, is only 10 to 15 minutes.

The vacuum cleaner has a capacity of 0.45 litres and is very easy to empty. It contains a self-cleaning pet power brush that easily removes hair buildup from surfaces and has high suction for removing waste. It has received praise for its strong build and has been demonstrated to successfully remove pet hair.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Untethered for more manoeuvrability
  • Washable filters for filters


  • Insufficient battery life

The suction power, clever design, and adaptability of the BLACK+DECKER 20V Max Flex Handheld Vacuum impressed The Lab’s testers. We put it at the bottom of the rankings since it required two hands to operate.

This is a wonderful alternative if you don’t mind holding the motor with one hand while vacuuming with the other. Because it is cordless, there is no need to vacuum near an electrical outlet.

The 4-foot flexible hose allows you to vacuum upholstery, stairs, and automobile floor mats with ease. While not in use, the hose wraps around the engine, forming a “little embrace” that makes this device easy to store and saves space.

This vacuum comes with a pet hair tool in addition to standard attachments such as a crevice tool, which performed admirably in our testing.


  • Attachment for animal hair
  • Four-foot-long flexible hose
  • Simple to store


  • Operates using both hands
  • Operation that makes a lot of noise

HENFORTO is a relatively quiet handheld vacuum cleaner with strong suction and a cordless design that emits less than 70 decibels. With a 30-minute duration and a weight of only 1.5 ounces, it gives someone more than enough time to clean their own area.

To make cleaning easier, the vacuum cleaner comes with a soft hose, a dust brush tool, and a crevice tube. Although charging takes between 2.5 and 3 hours, previous buyers have complained about the vacuum’s insufficient suction strength.

The HENFORTO vacuum is great for use in the kitchen because the filter is very easy to remove and it can clean both wet and dry messes. The vacuum cleaner removes food particles, pet hair, and sand well, and with its several attachments, it is likely to take up any debris that is tough to reach.


  • Extremely quiet operation
  • The cordless design allows for greater manoeuvrability
  • Fast charging time


  • Suction power may be insufficient for some applications

Buying Guide

Dimensions and weight

Assess the size and weight of the handheld vacuum, and if possible, test it to check that it is comfortable to use. You must ensure that the vacuum does not strain your hands or wrists.


Obviously, you must take into account the given space. Slim vacuums with attachments on board or stored in the charging base are the easiest to store properly, especially if you have limited storage space. Detachable battery models allow you to retain the battery plugged in while hiding the body and accessories.


Furthermore, both cordless and corded versions offer ergonomic handles, easy-to-empty dust bins, washable filters, multiple speeds, and other features. Some absorb wet spills and remove stains.

Wireless vs. corded

Both corded and cordless vacuums have benefits and drawbacks. You will never have to worry about the battery running out no matter how long you use a corded handheld vacuum.

Yet, swapping plugs can be inconvenient if you are travelling from one location to another or if you are not near an electrical outlet. Cordless handheld vacuums allow you to take the vacuum wherever you need it, but the battery may run out.


If you intend to use the handheld vacuum for more than just a quick run over hard surfaces, think about what attachments you’ll need, such as a crevice tool to reach into corners or brushes to help with vacuuming upholstery or eliminating pet hair.

Brush-equipped vacuums make it simple to remove dust off draperies, window sills, door frames, mattresses, and other hard-to-reach areas that a larger vacuum may struggle to reach.


This is dependent on whether you have a corded or cordless device. Because cordless versions must be recharged between uses to maintain battery life, you should store yours near an electrical outlet.

If you have a model that requires a cord, the best place to keep it is in an out-of-the-way cupboard or closet.

Because handheld vacuums lack the force and suction of standard vacuums, you should only use them to clean your home on hard surfaces, nonplush carpets, or tile.

Conventional vacuum cleaners make greater noise than portable vacuum cleaners, with wet/dry variants making somewhat more noise than dry models. Handheld vacuum cleaners are more silent than traditional vacuum cleaners.

The most costly handheld vacuums are not always the most effective at eliminating hair from surfaces. Casual Living USA selected the Best Handheld Vacuums after examining some of the most well-regarded handheld vacuums currently available.

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