Best Makita Cordless Vacuums In 2023

When it comes to buying a vacuum cleaner, there are various factors to consider. With so many options available, it can be difficult to determine which one is best for your home.

To make your decision easier, we’ve compiled a list of the Best Makita Cordless Vacuums for Home Use. Makita vacuums are highly rated and guaranteed to meet your needs. Find out more!


This Makita vacuum cleaner’s body also functions as a portable vacuum. Both the brush and the crevice nozzle can be mounted to the body and the pipe. Makita portable vacuum cleaners are all battery-powered and can run on 7.2 volts, 12 volts, 18 volts, or 2 x 18 volts batteries.

This machine is ideal for cleaning upholstery, car interiors, and staircases. Even bigger surfaces may be cleaned easily with the attached tube.


  • 2-in-1 device
  • Compatible rechargeable batteries range in voltage from 7.2 to 18 volts
  • Handle
  • Bags are rarely used
  • For allergy sufferers, bags are also available


  • For minor missions
  • Little dust absorption capacity

This vacuum may be carried over the shoulder with a strap. The hosepipe has a suction nozzle that allows it to be quickly drawn into the smallest of corners.

These batteries are available in 12-volt and 18-volt configurations. This Makita tool is a great option for general cleaning. It has three different power settings to allow you to clean different types of floors.

A light set is a fantastic solution for wood floors that only require typical trash and dust removed. Medium is suited for deep cleaning narrow carpets or hardwood floors. If you want to deep-clean your rugs, use the high setting.


  • For continuous suction, a brushless motor works well
  • Three power settings allow for tailored cleaning
  • Ergonomic design for maximum comfort


  • It is possible to become trapped

Despite its amazing suction for its small size, this is not the type of vacuum you would use to clean your entire house. It is preferable to do a quick tidy of your living room or bedroom before guests arrive.

But, when used appropriately, it serves its purpose. This vacuum is great for small tasks because it can only run for around 20 minutes before needing to be recharged.

It gives a full cleaning experience at that period, but customers with large households should not expect it to clean their entire home due to its short length. Having said that, it charges fairly quickly.

It also has a bigger dust container than comparable stick vacuum cleaners. This allows you to take fewer breaks to empty the vacuum. This stick vacuum is also surprisingly lightweight. It requires very little effort to use.


  • Extremely light vacuum for easy cleaning
  • Continuous battery life of 20 minutes for cleaning
  • Increased storage capacity to eliminate waste disposal stops when cleaning


  • There is no HEPA filter

If you have a large job that requires a lot of power, the Makita XCV08Z 36V Dirt Extractor vacuum is the ideal solution. It has a CFM rating of 74, which allows it to collect a lot of dirt and debris from the floor.

Its battery also contributes to the effectiveness of the vacuum cleaner by avoiding suction reductions. If your vacuum cleaner overheats or becomes overloaded, it is designed to shut off immediately.

This type is excellent for removing dust, such as sawdust. If you operate a store and need an economical vacuum cleaner to maintain it clean, the powerful suction of this device will most likely suit your requirements.

It is capable of removing water from a place, however it lacks a floating cage. To prevent the risk of electrocution, purchase and install a float cage before using the water pump to raise water.


  • Suction force of 74 CFM is provided
  • Can lift 39 inches of water
  • Runtime is 75 minutes with low setup and 40 minutes with high setup


  • There is no flotation device

The Makita VC4210L Dust Extractor with HEPA Filter is an excellent alternative for folks who require a vacuum for their house or wish to properly clean their workshop.

It has a high suction that can handle the most, if not all, of your cleaning demands. It may also safely remove significant amounts of water from a place. One of the most effective components of this vacuum cleaner is the HEPA filter.

It has a powerful HEPA filter that keeps dust and grime out. Unlike earlier versions, this vacuum will keep dust and debris confined within its bag rather than allowing them to escape into the environment via airflow.

It is sufficient to discard the bag after cleaning to keep the equipment clean and effective. It has an additional filter to keep even more contaminants from reentering the air.


  • Effective suction power of 148 CFM
  • Lifting capacity of 92 inches
  • The superior HEPA filter removes airborne particles and dust


  • There is only one bag included

This outstanding robotic vacuum cleaner features three separate cleaning modes. Each option activates different robotic cleaning components.

If you only wish to vacuum and sweep, the most cost-effective cleaning method should be used. To completely clean your hardwood floors and carpets, the other cleaning modes employ more brushes and cleaning powers.

In its most basic configuration, it has a phenomenal runtime of 200 minutes. It can quickly circle your house and complete the majority of its cleaning tasks before needing to recharge. Because of its brushless motor, it is moderately effective.

It boosts the robot’s performance, extending the battery and electric motor’s lifespans. This robot is suited for homes and businesses with hardwood floors.


  • There are three distinct cleaning modes
  • Cleaning time in optimal mode is 200 minutes
  • Electric motors with brushless motors have a longer projected lifespan


  • Noisy and audible

Buying Guide


The little Makita battery-powered handheld vacuum cleaners have a capacity of less than 1 litre and must be emptied frequently. With industrial vacuum cleaners, the situation is different. They have dust container volumes ranging from 2 to 15 litres in battery variants and up to 42 litres in network-dependent models.

Batteries or mains power?

This question is only relevant to industrial vacuum cleaners because all Makita battery vacuum cleaners are powered by batteries.

But, if you only want to use your industrial vacuum cleaner in the workshop, where it will be utilized with electrically driven tools, we recommend that you choose a mains-powered vacuum cleaner.

This makes it reasonable, especially if stationary equipment includes an extraction system.

Types of Batteries

Makita hand vacuum cleaners have batteries that range from 7.2 to 18 volts. If you already have a Makita battery, check its tension. However, Makita’s preferred battery voltage is 18 volts. It comes standard with the majority of Makita tools.

Even 36-volt devices have two 18-volt batteries. As a result, you may use most Makita equipment or garden tools with a battery.

Bagged or bagless

Makita vacuum cleaners are available with and without bags. This is especially true for wet and dry vacuums. Yet, there are vacuum cleaners that have a HEPA filter or a bagless textile filter technology.

Which battery should I get for my handheld vacuum?

The distinction between 2-in-1 battery vacuum cleaners is minor. The volume of the dust container is likewise comparable. You can only pick between models with one or two suction settings, as well as whether you want a vacuum cleaner with or without a bag.


On the vacuum cleaner, it is displayed as m3 per minute. The volume of air reveals how quickly the dust enters the dust container. The higher the value, the faster and more effectively dust is transferred from the nozzle to the bag.

Indeed, the answer is yes. A battery with a charging time of 3 amp hours charges faster than one with a charging time of 6 amp hours. The latter has a recharge duration of 55 minutes.

Whether you choose an upright or a portable type, we have you covered. So, what are you holding out for? Begin exploring our list right away!

Casual Ling USA hopes that the Best Makita Cordless Vacuums listed above, together with our honest reviews, will assist you in selecting the equipment that best meets your needs.

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