Best Roomba Vacuums In 2023

Consider acquiring a robotic vacuum if cleaning is your least favourite duty. Consider purchasing a Roomba, an iRobot-made high-tech line of robot vacuums. There are various Roomba models on the market, so we tested them in The Lab in Des Moines, Iowa, to see which ones are the most effective.

Each vacuum’s setup’s simplicity, performance, noise level, features, mobility, ease of emptying, and value were all evaluated. (Especially because Roombas may be expensive!) The Best Roomba Vacuums for Hands-Free Cleaning, as decided by thorough testing and research, are listed below.


The iRobot Roomba 694 is our favourite robot vacuum. This vacuum cleaner may be activated by pressing a button or by speaking to Alexa or Google Assistant. This robot vacuum is ideal for those who do not wish to use applications or Wi-Fi. This robot vacuum is also suitable for people seeking high-tech features and excellent cleaning. We like how it cleans well without any smart gimmicks.

This robot vacuum was up and running in about five minutes and received five stars on carpet and hardwood surfaces. It “very impressively” vacuumed canine hair, artificial human hair, Cheerios, and carpet sand. If you have a multi-floor home, this robot vacuum easily transitioned from area rugs to hardwood floors.

This Roomba performed admirably but needed features. Increase the volume if you’re watching TV while running it. The 694, unlike the Roomba j7+, does not include obstacle-avoidance capabilities.

Before using this vacuum, pre-clean the floor to avoid sucking up socks or crayons. Despite being unpleasant, object avoidance technology is usually at least $500 more expensive.


  • Works even without Wi-Fi
  • Affordable
  • The transition from carpet to hard floor is smooth


  • There is a lack of clever technologies

Roomba 600 series robot vacuums are excellent investments. The Roomba 675 Robot Vacuum is a more affordable option to our top 600 series pick. It’s a low-cost Roomba that cleans well. The robot vacuum is app-controlled and Alexa-enabled and it auto-adjusts to clean different surfaces. We didn’t test this Roomba in The Lab, but it has over 33,000 5-star ratings on Amazon, a range of basic features, and excellent performance.

The 0.6-litre canister on this Roomba is ideal for small households or quick cleanups. There is no object avoidance or self-emptying canister. It’s an excellent pick for anyone looking for a robot vacuum that isn’t too expensive.

You may change your cleaning schedule to clean floors when you get home, and the battery lasts 90 minutes, which is equivalent to higher-end versions.


  • Alexa-compatible
  • App-controlled
  • Adjustable cleaning height


  • Inadequate use of smart technology

The Roomba S9+ is stunning. With its gold highlights and unique shape, this robotic vacuum stands out. Because of its attractive look and high-end functions, this Roomba is one of the most expensive. When we unlocked its smart functions in The Lab and at home, this robot vacuum performed best. This robot vacuum is not for inexperienced users. It can be worth it if you can wait for it to smart map and learn about your house.

If you have a dirty house full of pollen, dust, or pet hair, the Roomba s9+ could be the solution. It is the most powerful. Our at-home tester appreciated that it cleaned and emptied her home on a daily basis without her assistance. She discovered that the battery life was closer to 60 minutes than the advertised 120 minutes.

Our lab tester loved how quickly this robot vacuum was set up and cleaned, although it left garbage around the base. The loudness of this robot vacuum astonished both testers, so you can’t talk on the phone while it’s running.

Roomba 9 form + is notable. It cleans corners better than any other Roomba thanks to its two rounded edges. The iRobot Roomba s9+ Bundle includes this Roomba as well as the Braava Jet m6 for mopping.


  • Suction
  • corners are cleaned
  • The base that empties itself
  • Spot-cleaning


  • Inadequate battery life
  • Loud operation

The Roomba j7 series became famous because of its promise to avoid pet waste. The Lab evaluated the iRobot j7, and one of our editors received a j7+ to test at home. Only J7+ avoided pet waste. Our top pick for pet owners is the iRobot Roomba j7+ Robot Vacuum, which comes with the Pet Owner’s Official Promise (P.O.O.P. Promise). If your Roomba j7+ fails to prevent solid pet waste during the first year, iRobot will replace it.

The Roomba j7+ features intelligent mapping, a self-emptying base, and accurate obstacle avoidance. Vacuuming can be scheduled or started from your phone. Our in-home tester found this robot vacuum easy to set up and was impressed with how well it learnt her environment with each clean.

It is more expensive than the Roomba i7+. If you have a puppy or an elderly dog who is prone to accidents, this pricey Roomba might be worth it. This vacuum makes a lot of noise, especially when emptying, which could wake up your sleeping dog or cat on the couch.


  • Avoidance
  • Self-emptying base
  • Owner’s pledge


  • Pricey
  • Loud operation

The iRobot Roomba i7+ Robot Vacuum is smarter and more advanced than the 600 series, but not as advanced as the S9+. What does this imply? It is smarter than the Roomba 694, but it cannot clean corners like the S9+.

Because of the Roomba i7 self-emptying +’s base and 60-day dust bag, you’ll only need to replace it every two months. After cleaning your home, the Roomba docks and empties the debris into the tower, eliminating the need for you to empty the dustbin. Although our tester observed some particles, it primarily cleaned the Roomba’s dust bin.

The Roomba’s 75-minute battery life is extended with smart charging and resuming. When its battery runs low, it docks, charges, and resumes cleaning your house. Our tester was impressed by Roomba’s ability to locate and pick up anything on our testing floor. It sucked up everything on our testing lab carpets.

Roomba i7+ can be taught to avoid stairs using smart mapping, however it cannot avoid socks, wires, or pet waste. If this is critical, get a Roomba j7 or j7+. Obstacle avoidance is available on the Roomba j series but not on the i7+. We propose getting a discount on the Roomba i7+ Robot Vacuum.


  • Self-emptying base
  • Mapping
  • Dual rubber pet brushes
  • Simple install


  • Self-emptied somewhat

Buying Guide


Most Roombas run for 90 minutes before needing to be recharged. Roombas are inefficient cleaners. In a smaller environment, a run time of 60 to 75 minutes may be enough. Large houses benefit from a battery life of 120 minutes. The most expensive models include “smart charge and resume” functions. Models with low battery power dock promptly. After charging, they will begin cleaning.


All Roombas are supported by the iRobot app. The majority of them are Alexa and Google Assistant compatible. Most models could be booked for cleaning. (such as Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at noon). Some Roombas can be activated from your phone prior to your arrival home.

Smart mapping enables your Roomba to comprehend your home, allowing you to instruct it, “Clean the living room,” and it will concentrate on that area. Smart features are often more expensive.


If you live alone and want your Roomba to run while you’re away, noise may not be an issue. If you have pets, or children, or are sensitive to noise, the noise level of the robot vacuum may be an issue. Roombas that are “emptying” are loud.


Lift the lid and remove the canister to empty a standard Roomba. Open it over a rubbish can and empty its contents. You have the option of cleaning the canister or returning it to the Roomba. Cleaning your vacuum is critical to ensuring that your Roomba continues to work properly. If the base of your Roomba is self-emptying, it will empty itself. Every 60 days, a simple removal and replacement of the dust bag is necessary. (or when it is full).

Roombas include a lithium-ion rechargeable battery. They are often charged when the box is opened. When the battery runs low, the Roomba will charge itself and return to its charging dock. A low battery indicator can also be found on the vacuum’s top or in the iRobot app.

To reset your Roomba, simply press and hold the CLEAN button for 10 to 20 seconds. (depending on your model). You will hear a reset tone or see a white light when it has resumed. You may also change the zones that your Roomba cleans and other settings using the iRobot app.

On their website, iRobot also provides service help, which will aid you in setting up your Roomba, resetting it, and making any future adjustments.

Our top choices represent what we believe to be the Best Roomba Vacuums for the vast majority of consumers. We take into account pricing, consumer feedback, and availability. If you want to do the research yourself, here is a list of all of our robot vacuum reviews. Casual Living USA wish you the best of luck on your shopping expedition!

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