Best Stick Vacuums For Carpet In 2023

Best Stick Vacuums For Carpet are a great example of the enormous impact that modern technological breakthroughs have on our way of life. The following are the products with the largest sales volume in 2023:


Carpet and rug vacuuming with the Samsung Jet 70 Pet Cordless Stick Vacuum. It weighs only about 6 pounds. This vacuum struggled to pick up large amounts of debris on hardwood floors, but it cleaned carpets nicely, leaving no hair, cereal, or popcorn kernels behind. The vacuum handle’s touch buttons made it simple to increase the suction force on a high-pile carpet.

With the power options, our tester found it simple to alter suction power. This Samsung cordless stick vacuum has a power button that allows you to take a break from holding down a trigger and keeps it going until you switch it off or the battery runs out after 40 minutes. The dustbin should be improved, but the controls are excellent. There is no easy-release button and the cover is screwed on. Hair became entangled in the filters and had to be manually removed from the dust bin.

Our tester was also upset by the lack of swivel steering. Overall, the mobility of the Samsung Jet 70 was “decent,” but not spectacular. It transforms into a portable vacuum for cleaning the couch. It can reach cobweb-infested corners, though not in the most ergonomic way.


  • There are several power settings available
  • Surfaces that are easily transferable
  • The operation is really quiet


  • The filter becomes clogged with hair
  • When applied to hardwood, it is ineffective

Because of its improved suction and sensors that help it to penetrate dark carpeting, this robot vacuum is ideal for carpets. (a problem for some previous generations of iRobot Roombas). This model received four stars from our in-home tester for cleaning 900 square feet of carpeted living space.

The increased noise level was explained by the vacuum’s increased suction power. Indeed, iRobot has increased the suction capacity of this model by 40 times over the Roomba 600 series, which was notorious for labouring on anything other than low-pile rugs and carpets.

The iRobot Roomba s9+ (9550) Robot Vacuum has the improved suction of the Roomba s9 and vSLAM technology to clean carpets (or any flooring) row by row and map-navigate. If the battery dies after 120 minutes of cleaning, the vacuum will charge on the dock before continuing.


  • Handles pet hair expertly
  • Does an excellent job in corners
  • Empties the trash into the base


  • It may be difficult to get to the dock
  • Costly

The Shark IZ462H Vertex Ultra Lightweight Cordless Stick Vacuum, our top pick, cleans all carpets. Our best carpet vacuum cleaner cleans, moves, and empties the carpet. Shark Vertex cordless vacuums high-pile carpets without draining the battery. Its powerful suction allows it to clean for an hour before charging.

Throughout testing, this vacuum operated admirably. The Shark vacuum collected both large and minute particles in a single pass, earning it a perfect 5-star rating.

For the best clean, Twin PowerFins reduce hair wrap and keep brush rolls in touch with carpets. Cleaning up with this vacuum can save you time and effort. Although the dust container was larger, our tester gave the emptying process a 5-star rating since it was simple.

Some vacuum cleaners struggle with high-pile carpets. The Shark IZ462H Vertex Stick Vacuum was deemed “flawless” by the Lab. The vacuum has a hinge that allows it to reach beneath couches and coffee tables and glides across all surfaces. Folding vacuums take up less room in closets and nooks.


  • It has a lengthy lifespan
  • It folds in half for easy storage
  • The vacuum almost moves on its own
  • The suction power on all floor types


  • There is no attachment storage
  • The garbage can be larger

Buying Guide

While all carpet vacuums are meant to collect rubbish, how they work varies. Upright vacuums operate with a push-and-pull motion and typically have better suction and larger dust baskets. This style is perfect for whole-house cleaning, but it necessitates additional storage space in your cleaning closet. A stick vacuum, with a more streamlined form and often more manoeuvrability, is an option. However, you will have to make do with a smaller dustbin. The canister vacuum is in the centre of these two sorts. In this type of vacuum, a motor and dust collection system are housed inside a canister on wheels. A hose connects the vacuum to a wand and floor head, letting you reach under, around, and behind furniture.

Bagless vacuums are becoming increasingly popular since they eliminate the need for fresh bags and allow you to easily empty the dustbin after each cleaning session. However, not all garbage cans are created equal; some need more “hands-on” assistance to be entirely empty. A bagged vacuum cleaner for carpets makes it easier to remove dust, filth, and allergens. While bagged vacuums are an easy way to trap small particles, they are not a perfect solution. “Fine dust particles are difficult to remove with non-HEPA filter vacuums, “1 explains Nicholas Burks, CEO of Neet Home. When it’s full, remove it from the vacuum and discard it. You must, however, keep replacement bags on hand and be prepared to change them whenever the old bag becomes full.

Source of Energy

Most upright and canister vacuums feature a power cable that provides an infinite power supply while cleaning your home. Although a power cable plainly limits the area that may be covered by a single outlet, several current vacuum models now have cords as long as 35 feet.

If you prefer not to be bound by a power connection, we propose cordless equipment, such as a stick or robot vacuum. These devices, too, are limited by battery life, and you may notice that some models decrease suction power as the battery drains. However, you should ultimately choose the power source for your vacuum based on your lifestyle and the size of your home.

Weight and manoeuvrability

Vacuums can be compared based on their weight and mobility, just like their power source. While upright and canister vacuums are larger, their consistent suction strength makes them easier to use on dense pile carpets. Canister vacuums include wheels that allow you to move the canister behind you while cleaning.

Stick vacuums and robot vacuums may not have as much suction force on carpets due to their smaller weights and general design. Stick vacuums, on the other hand, are much easier to move up and down stairs, as well as across tile, vinyl, hardwood, and laminate flooring. Our top lightweight pick, the Samsung Jet 70 Pet Cordless Stick Vacuum, weighs just over 5 pounds, making it a perfect alternative for folks who live in smaller homes or have limited mobility. Swivel joints are common on stick vacuums, making them ideal for cleaning in tight corners and beneath low furniture.


A carpet vacuum can clean cracks and corners as well as other areas of your home like carpeted stairs or upholstery. Many of the vacuums we tested, for example, had a handheld mode that was extremely useful for above-floor cleaning. A crevice tool is another essential device that can help your vacuum reach further. For cleaning furniture, a vacuum cleaner may have a dusting brush or upholstery tool. A motorized brush attachment can also help remove hair from furniture or a pet’s bed.


Vacuum your carpet once a week as a general guideline. Depending on the amount of foot traffic and activity on your carpet, you may need to clean more frequently. Pet owners may require more frequent cleaning of their carpets, up to three times each week.

Because carpets can be dust and dander magnets, using a bagged vacuum that effectively seals off the debris it collects may be advantageous. Burks admits that bagless vacuum cleaners have been known to recirculate allergens in the air, but she also underlines the advantage of a bagless model: “Because bagless vacuum cleaners do not need to be emptied as frequently, they are handy.” Bagless vacuums can also be used on carpets and do not require the purchase of replacement bags. Many bagless vacuum cleaners on the market now feature HEPA filters to address their tendency to recirculate allergens and particles.

If you want to thoroughly clean your carpet, take your time. Remove any obstacles, including large garbage, by hand before you begin. Check your vacuum filters and bag or canister to ensure they are not clogged or too full to complete your cleaning work.

Vacuum gently in neat, slightly overlapping rows. If you rush through this step, you risk missing dirt that is deeply embedded in the carpet’s fibres. When you’ve reached the end of the carpet, go over it again in the other direction to ensure you’ve removed all of the dust and filth.

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