Best Stick Vacuums That You Should Own

When a mess occurs on your favourite rug or floor, a good cordless stick vacuum will make quick work of it and keep you from becoming tangled in wires, bags, or bulky, difficult-to-store designs. Instead, it will provide exceptional cleaning power in a small, lightweight, manoeuvrable, and storage-friendly package.

The Best Stick Vacuums, as selected by comprehensive testing, are listed below.


Anyone who has a bagless vacuum knows how difficult it is to empty it, but LG was the first to develop a method that both compresses the dirt in the cup and allows the vacuum to empty itself. Simply place it back into the caddy and let the auto or manual suction open the canister, removing the debris and depositing it in a disposable bag, which you remove and discard when full.

This full-featured system includes two batteries, a scrubbing attachment with washable and reusable microfibre pads for wet mopping, and a slew of gadgets that fit neatly within or hang from the tower to keep everything in place. The three suction settings were excellent for cleaning a variety of flooring kinds, and the controls were simple to use and informative.


  • Store tools in the tower, empty the dust cup and charge both batteries
  • It includes two batteries
  • Floors can be wet-mopped and buff


  • Pricey

If you need to clean around multiple obstacles such as furniture, organizers, and houseplants, this Eureka is a fantastic low-cost solution. Its flexible neck allows for swivel steering, while its large wheels and lightweight (just over 6 pounds) allow for easy manoeuvring around obstructions.

In our tests, we found it to be relatively straightforward to assemble and use, and we like how the dust cup is located on top so that the vacuum head can reach beneath low furniture more easily.

It also boasts headlights, three cleaning modes, fingertip controls, and an easy-to-empty dust cup. It performed admirably on bare floors, low-pile carpets, and when cleaning up pet hair, despite having a shorter run time than rival machines.


  • Swivel steering is possible because of the flexible neck
  • Converts into a portable vacuum


  • Short run time

Dyson V15 Detect vacuums are among the most cutting-edge. The breakthrough laser beam on this vacuum’s bare floor fluffy roller attachment leaves no room for dirt, pet hair, or dust bunnies to hide. Simply turn it on to shine an angled beam of light directly in front of the vacuum, illuminating and capturing dust that regular vacuums miss.

Our testing left us speechless. When the laser touched invisible specks and particles, such as those in the corners of stairwells, they became visible. The display reveals the quantity and size of the particles it is collecting, as well as the run time and power level, in addition to the run time and power level. The one thing that could have made it better was having a second charged battery on standby.

It boasts enormous suction, good filtration, and a plethora of useful attachments, including a unique cone-shaped tool that sucks up pet hair without tangling and spirals it into the bin, as with other Dyson vacuums we’ve tested.


  • The use of a laser on the bare floor head improves dust visibility
  • Converts into a portable vacuum
  • The battery is detachable and can be charged separately
  • Includes a one-of-a-kind pet hair removal tool


  • Not included with a second battery

It acts as a typical pole vacuum, with the motor, battery, and dust cup (the power unit) mounted on top, allowing for easy access beneath low furniture or (without the floor nozzle) up high to clean ceiling mouldings and light fixtures.

There’s still more! By relocating the power unit and its weight near the nozzle, it is now easier to push and handle bare floors, area rugs, and carpets. Finally, detach the power unit and use it as a handheld cleaner for cleaning stairs, upholstery, and other surfaces above the floor.

Despite being heavier than other vacuums we’ve tested, it was easy to use thanks to features like fingertip controls, battery indicator lights, a bright spotlight on the broad floor nozzle, and a HEPA filter that never needs to be cleaned or changed. Depending on the attachment, power setting, and surfaces to be cleaned, the battery can last up to 60 minutes.


  • For each use, it transforms into three vacuuming positions
  • A lifetime HEPA filter never needs to be cleaned or replaced
  • When the power unit is near the base, it may support itself
  • Other variations include more attachments and an extra battery


  • Heavy than others

Who says a canister vacuum can’t be stylish? When placed in a room corner, the charging and emptying station of the SAMSUNG BESPOKE Jet Cordless Stick Vacuum could be mistaken for a high-tech air purifier or music speaker. Furthermore, when the vacuum is placed in the stand, it hides behind it.

When the vacuum is placed on the charging station, it begins charging and empties when the front button is touched. When the bag is full, as with other self-emptying vacuums, it must be replaced. The dirt canister was practically empty in the majority of cases, with only a few stray hairs wrapped around the filter. BESPOKE is available in three colours: ethereal white, midnight blue, and forest green.

This SAMSUNG, however, is more than simply aesthetically attractive. We observed that the suction was strong and that the three cleaning settings – minimum, medium, and maximum – were adequate for cleaning whatever type of flooring we saw throughout our tests.

However, the disposal may be messy, and the vacuum’s durability is inferior to that of comparable vacuums.


  • Power usage is adjusted based on the intensity of the mess
  • Design that is simple and lightweight
  • It transforms into a portable device


  • Disposal may be disorganized
  • Sometimes, the quality is brittle

Buying Guide

Corded vs. cordless devices

With corded vacuums, there is no downtime and no need to recharge the battery. The downside is that you are limited to the length of the connection because you are connected to an outlet. Modern cordless vacuums use lithium-ion batteries, which are more powerful and last longer than nickel-cadmium batteries used in previous versions, with some lasting up to 60 minutes.

Some models allow you to remove the battery pack for charging, allowing you to just plug in the battery while hiding the rest of the vacuum. Remember that manufacturers promote battery runtime without attachments, which is not how most users clean.

The addition of a spinning brush or any other accessory that requires electricity diminishes the battery’s runtime. Don’t be surprised if your cleaning battery doesn’t last as long as stated.

Floor variation

Stick vacuums are suitable for cleaning bare floors, low-pile rugs, and carpet surfaces. Stick vacuums that convert to hand vacuums or have built-in hand vacuums can be used to clean upholstery, staircases, and even automobiles.

For larger tasks, such as deep cleaning a house with multiple rooms, thick carpets, and a range of hard and soft surfaces, you may select a full-size upright or canister vacuum. However, if you’re in a hurry, a nice stick vacuum will suffice.

The brush wheel

To clean dirt from the tufts of area rugs and carpets, a spinning brush roll is required. Brush rollers can also be used to collect debris on bare floors, but they can spread the material and should only be used if they are soft enough not to harm the surface.

A stick vacuum with a soft, fluffy spinning brush roll is the best alternative for cleaning bare floors. Some of the most contemporary stick vacuums, such as our top picks from LG and Samsung, feature power nozzles that combine a spinning brush with a soft roller for a universal head that works on all types of flooring.


Having a vacuum that performs two functions is usually beneficial. As a result, nearly all stick vacuums may be converted to handheld vacuums by removing the handle or detaching the motorized top, or they feature a handheld unit that attaches directly to the body of the stick vacuum.

Because the handheld and stick vacuums share the same motor, they charge (and drain) at the same time. The portable variants are perfect for cleaning upholstery, stairs, and cars, and removing dry spills from bare floors quickly.

Storage space

Stick vacuums require less storage room than full-size vacuums since they are narrower, but the vast majority of them, particularly those with massive motors on top, cannot stand on their own. As a result, the vast majority include and fit into wall-mountable charging brackets. Others may have supports for upright storage and charging of the stick vacuum.

The most recent models contain storage mechanisms that automatically empty the vacuum’s dust cup when placed inside. We recommend getting one with a stand that also holds any attachments so that everything can be kept in one place. Some have retractable or folding handles to save even more closet space.


We recommend looking for one of the lightest stick vacuums, which weigh between 4 and 5 pounds. A vacuum with an ergonomic handle design reduces hand and wrist strain and fatigue.

An on/off switch that can be accessed with one hand while clutching the handle is another useful feature that reduces strain. Avoid trigger switch designs that require constant pressure when operating the machine.

Consider models with a detachable portable vacuum for use on stairs and in vehicles. Another solution is a stick vacuum with a tiny head that can suck staircases with a single swipe. A vacuum with a crevice tool that can reach into stairway corners will most likely be required. An extension tube with a brush tool is ideal for cleaning drapes and upholstery. A foldable head that pivots and folds near the ground is great for reaching beneath the furniture.

Not usually. Most cordless stick vacuums use Li-ion or NiCd batteries, which drain equally regardless of remaining energy. No rechargeable battery, however, has an endless lifespan. All batteries progressively lose capacity after years of charging and discharging.

The majority of manufacturers provide replacement batteries on their websites, however, they aren’t cheap. You could also be able to get a replacement from an online retailer like Amazon.

Each of the Best Stick Vacuums is evaluated based on its setup, numerous design characteristics such as mobility and dustbin size, and overall performance, which includes suction power, efficacy on various floor kinds, and battery life. Casual Living USA hopes that our reviews can make your purchasing decision easier.

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