Best Upright Vacuums In 2023

Since vacuum cleaners, upright vacuum cleaners have been the most amazing invention since, well, vacuum cleaners. Anyone you ask will tell you how fantastic it is to have technology that makes cleaning less of a chore.

One significant disadvantage of vacuum cleaners was their inability to reach difficult sections of the home. For some, having multiple vacuums for different situations was the solution.

However, it has been some time since the first vacuum cleaners were manufactured, and the market is now swamped with various upright vacuums and a few copies. As a result, choosing which one is the best investment may be difficult, sending you back to where you started. Here is a list of the Best Upright Vacuums on the market right now.


If you’re on a tight budget but don’t want to compromise on quality, EUREKA! This is strictly for your use. It is a low-cost upright vacuum cleaner with several notable features. The EUREKA Powerspeed weighs only 10 kg but packs a lot of heavy-duty cleaning power into its small body. 

The machine comes with a range of attachments that can reach sofa cushions, staircases, and window blinds to ensure comprehensive cleaning. A 7-inch crevice tool expands your ability to reach tricky spots such as couch cushions, and the dusting brush may be used to spruce up your shelves, countertops, and door frames.

If you have a pet, like us, there is a brush roll for eliminating unwanted hair and a vacuum upholstery tool for regions that require special care.


  • In general, this is one of the best lightweight upright vacuum cleaners
  • The suction is really strong
  • Simple to empty bagless container
  • Attachments are straightforward to set up and use


  • The engine is really noisy
  • The extension hose is too short, making cleaning high places difficult

If this vacuum is the finest pick for both professional cleaners and average folks, it has more than enough power to be your everyday go-to for cleaning up dirt. Many product review websites rank this model as their top choice. We’re not usually ones to follow the herd, but the Shark NV501 Rotator is obviously the best.

The best feature of the best Shark vacuum has to be the lift-away technology. You can move the canister out of the way and utilize the separate extension to reach those hard-to-access locations with the touch of a button using.

Even though the Shark NV501 Rotator is corded, the 30-foot cord allows you to move about without becoming tangled. However, if you don’t require as much room, the vacuum comes with a chord hook that you can use to keep the wires out of the way and make cleaning easier.


  • Simple to use and adaptable
  • The motor is quite quiet
  • Allergen-free and suitable for the entire family


  • Hard to find single parts to replace

If you have weak arms and would rather not use vacuuming as a workout, the ORECK XL COMMERCIAL XL2100RHS Upright Vacuum is a lifesaver. This vacuum is the lightest item on our list. It weighs only 8 pounds, which is incredible.

It has a low profile, allowing it to rest virtually flat under the couch and be cleaned without injuring your knees. Depending on the size of your flat, you may have to cope with a 35-foot power cord. This is useful for folks who have to clean large rooms or spaces.

The ORECK XL COMMERCIAL’s power switch can be turned on and off with a fingertip, but that’s not all. You will benefit from the strong, high-speed, double-helix brushes. This is code for “clear carpets of pet hair, dirt, kitty litter, cereal stains, and other messes pretty well.”


  • Lightweight
  • Excellent for removing pet fur
  • Cleaning is made easy by using side brushes
  • The power cord is quite long


  • Cannot clean floors above
  • The cord doesn’t roll up, which makes it hard to clean small spaces

The Dyson Ball Animal 2 is a beast of a machine, with a sleek and modern design that includes a rollerball pattern and purple accents. However, this is merely the beginning. This vacuum’s bagless design is powered by radial root cyclone technology, which can pick up even the smallest particles.

The Dyson Ball Animal 2 offers only a few adjusting options. Nonetheless, this is an unexpected positive trend. In contrast to the ORECK XL COMMERCIAL XL2100RHS, the rolling brush is controlled by a single button.

The swivelling head of this upright vacuum makes it easy to manoeuvre around furniture and tight corners. When it detects dirt, the vacuum cleaner automatically changes the filter to maintain suction across all floors. 


  • The Ball Animal’s folding handle makes it more space-efficient for storage
  • Waste bin disposal without making a mess
  • There is no need to be concerned about transporting luggage
  • 5-year warranty


  • For its price, the Ball Animal 2 is not much superior to less expensive options
  • Weighs 17 pounds, making transportation difficult, especially when cleaning a home with stairs

Although Shark Navigator DLX has some advantages, we believe it is a decent product altogether. One of its most noteworthy features is a 12-foot-long extension hose that allows access to tough areas. However, you should exercise caution when using this hose because it has a tendency to collapse if you pull too hard.

Shark DLX can be used on any sort of wood, which is a fantastic feature. It operates brilliantly on both carpets and hardwood floors, thanks to a powerful 1,200-Watt motor that provides 10 amps of motor power. 


  • Easy to use
  • 5-year warranty
  • A 12-foot hose can reach further than a 10-foot hose
  • Budget-friendly


  • There is no cord winding
  • It is necessary to clean two filters
  • There is no swivel steering

Buying Guide

Cleaning Prerequisites

Cleaning jobs are frequently divided into residential and commercial categories, each with its own set of criteria. Your requirements will dictate many of the features you should look for in an upright vacuum cleaner.


Every upright vacuum cleaner has a unique combination of qualities that contribute to its performance. In most cases, a product’s features are what set it apart from those of other producers.

Certain features are obviously far more important than others; some are critical, but others are often superfluous extras offered by manufacturers who employ every trick in the book to attract people to purchase their products. Given these considerations, it is critical that you undertake a brief evaluation of the item you wish to purchase before making a purchase.

Noise Intensity

Noise levels may look insignificant, but they are critical in determining whether or not a cleaning appliance will be effective. You’ll need a tool that runs silently, especially if you’re cleaning in a commercial setting with other people nearby.

The last thing you need when people are listening to their favourite music or watching meaningful movies is a vacuum cleaner that comes in and muffles all of the noises at the push of a button. As a result, invest in a quieter vacuum. It will relieve you of a lot of stress.

Bags for Vacuuming

There are various types of vacuum cleaner bags. Some are made to protect against dust and allergens, while others are HEPA vacuum bags. Many of these bags offer excellent dust and dirt prevention. However, for optimal efficiency, it is recommended that you replace your vacuum cleaner bags every two months. Again, this is mostly determined by how frequently you use the vacuum cleaner.

Dust Bags for High Performance

Efficiency dust bags are small additions that help remove minute dirt particles. They also contribute to the cleanliness of the vacuum’s drum. The dust bags may be disposed of quickly and are cheaply priced.

Cleaning Product Varieties

Cleaning solutions are used to remove tough stains and filth from hard surfaces and carpets.

Cleaning solutions’ principal function is to remove stains and dirt from the surfaces of floors and carpets. Solutions are perfect for areas with a high commuter population because they are necessary complements to vacuum cleaners’ cleaning and suction capabilities.

Certain ways may be useful depending on the surface to be cleaned and your specific needs. Some are good at removing stains, while others are good at neutralizing allergens and decreasing odours. As a result, if a multipurpose cleaning solution is not available, you may need to combine two cleaning solutions to accomplish the work.

Suction Force Control

The suction power of your upright vacuum cleaner will have a considerable impact on its long-term performance in cleaning your house. However, it is equally critical to assess the individual’s ability to control his suction power. Your ability to clean surfaces such as upholstery, carpets, and rugs will be significantly hampered if you do not have sufficient control over the suction force of a vacuum cleaner.


There are numerous attachments on the market that are meant to make vacuum cleaners much more efficient. As previously said, several of the capabilities you receive as an appliance are absolutely useless and add nothing to the user experience.


Upright vacuums have an average life expectancy of eight years. Excessive or inappropriate usage, as well as a lack of maintenance, are likely to limit a model’s lifespan. Keep your vacuum cleaner maintained on a regular basis to potentially increase its life. Your preferred model may also come with a guarantee that covers repairs. Take advantage of any available coverage to ensure the longevity of your machine.

The upright vacuum is the most common type of vacuum. They frequently have a dust bin or bag near the floor head and a larger design to match their increased suction capability. Stick vacuums, on the other hand, frequently have a dust bin near the top of the handle. They feature a much slimmer profile, making them lighter and more manoeuvrable, making them suitable for limited locations in your home.

Although both are capable of cleaning a wide range of surfaces such as carpet, hardwood, vinyl, and laminate, upright vacuums are less versatile. They can only clean with brush heads and hoses, and they frequently struggle to reach beneath the furniture. Furthermore, stick vacuums may be more delicate in operation. An upright vacuum, on the other hand, is a tried-and-true solution for cleaning the entire house, bigger messes, and carpets that need more agitation.

All of this routinely applied testing data from at-home testing and lab testing is distilled by our editors into a list of the best upright vacuums. We hope you find the reviews of the Best Upright Vacuums in this article informative. We hope you have a pleasant shopping experience.

Because Casual Living USA recognizes that many individuals suffer when it comes to purchasing household appliances and other essentials, we have decided to offer our knowledge and expertise in the form of articles. We wish you the best of luck on your shopping expedition!

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