Best Upright Vacuums With Lights in 2023

Vacuum cleaners have reduced in size and weight due to developments in design and the use of lighter materials. Cleaning may be less taxing on your body if the equipment you use is light enough to carry up and down stairs. In terms of weight, size, features, battery life, and price, the options listed below are the best. If you need more mops, check out our list of the Best Upright Vacuums With Lights.


The Shark IZ462H Vertex is not a little animal. We were able to clean up with this sticky vacuum cleaner. According to our product tester, this 9-pound vacuum is almost too simple to use, but that’s not because it lacks suction.

Our testing demonstrates that the suction force is strong enough to pick up rubbish such as grains, hair, and popcorn seeds with a single pull, saving you time and effort. Repeat sucking to clean the same area of the floor thoroughly.


  • Suction is strong on every surface
  • A lengthy interval between charges
  • It folds in half for convenient storage


  • The garbage can be bigger
  • It is noisy while hauling heavier goods

It may be tough to find a vacuum with appropriate suction force if you live in a home with hard floors. The Eureka Lightweight Cordless Vacuum is easy to use, weighs just over 7 pounds, and cleans all types of debris and dust from hard floors. We were disappointed with how poorly it functioned on the carpet, but it was easy to pick up both large and small trash pieces on hard floors.

This vacuum’s dust container, like most others, is easy to clean. Our tester only needed to physically remove a few strands from the barrel’s top.


  • It is easy to empty
  • Attachments that are beneficial
  • Simple to assemble


  • Inability to clean hair effectively
  • Not all surfaces provide adequate traction

If you have a lot of carpets or rugs in your house, invest in a vacuum with enough suction power and settings to make cleaning easy and quick. Shark Rocket Ultra-Light is a formidable opponent. It can clean carpets of various quality levels in as little as five minutes.

The weight of this corded vacuum cleaner is around 8 pounds. The test team’s biggest surprise when assembling the vacuum cleaner was that the handle was taller than planned. This vacuum is more difficult to use on hardwood floors, but the floor settings may be changed with the touch of a finger.


  • Superior traction on all surfaces
  • Changes to the handheld version
  • An incredibly versatile design


  • The side that makes the greatest noise
  • Unable to stand on its own

Buying Guide

Use the essential accessories

A typical vacuum cleaner will have two or three suction heads. You can select the appropriate suction surface based on the area to be cleaned.

A standard nozzle should be used for large expanses and surfaces.

Use the vacuum cleaner’s flat, tiny nozzle to vacuum bed sheets, drapes, and other objects.

In the case of an area with a lot of tiny dust, using a brush is the simplest approach to sweep and suction these little things.

Before you start vacuuming, clear away any clutter

Cleaning the items in the room before using the vacuum cleaner is one approach for using it appropriately.

Modern vacuum cleaners are quite effective at cleaning nooks and crevices. However, in order for it to work well, it must be kept clean so that the machine does not clash with shattered parts or things of small size and volume that can be sucked in.

Should you be sucking from the top down, from the inside out?

A vacuum cleaner is far more difficult to manoeuvre than a broom or a mop. As a result, you should direct your vacuum’s path in a certain house to allow it to move more easily. Generally, you should work your way from top to bottom, inside to outside, so that after you’re done, you don’t leave the regions cleansed and then unclean.


The maximum vacuum rating of a pump is often specified for either continuous or intermittent duty cycles, and the manufacturer can offer the information required to attain this rating. The actual pump capabilities are calculated by comparing the highest theoretical vacuum at sea level, which is 29.92 inches of mercury, to this figure.

The absence of all substances in a given location is the distinguishing feature of a real vacuum. This is a more upbeat assessment of the situation. Obtaining vacuum pressures close to the “almost no matter” threshold can be difficult and costly.

The Vacuum Experts recommend that you empty the canister of your vacuum cleaner after each usage rather than letting it fill completely and overflow. An article on the Vacuum Experts site suggests “emptying the vacuum once it becomes half to two-thirds full as a matter of habit.” This is the absolute bare minimum.

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