Best Vacuum Cleaners In 2023

Although you may just clean your floors and steam your carpets on occasion, regular vacuuming is essential. A high-quality vacuum is compatible with various types of flooring, is lightweight, and comes with a variety of attachments, including the popular crevice tool, allowing it to remove dust, filth, and debris from all corners of your home.

The Best Vacuum Cleaners for the Whole House, as decided by our tests, are listed below.


The Shark NV356E 31 Navigator Lift-Away Professional upright vacuum has numerous settings that you may find useful. The upright mode, for example, can be used to clean carpets and hardwood floors.

To clean your stairs, remove the canister and use it as a handheld vacuum with a number of attachments. Additionally, the Shark Navigator features an extension that allows you to vacuum high or difficult-to-reach areas to remove dust and cobwebs.

Shark’s vacuum also incorporates an anti-allergen seal to reduce the possibility of infectious particles entering your home and a large canister to store more debris than most upright vacuums.


  • Capable of reaching previously inaccessible locations
  • It has an anti-allergen seal
  • Extra accessories are included


  • Heavier than competing designs
  • Neither cordless nor without bags

If you’ve ever stumbled over the cord of your vacuum while vacuuming your floors, you know how inconvenient it can be. You’ll never have to worry about getting tangled up with this EUREKA cordless model. Furthermore, this is a powerful machine.

You can clean multiple rooms before recharging with a 40-minute fade-free runtime that efficiently cleans wood floors, tile floors, low-pile rugs, and carpets. There are also LED bulbs that can lay fully flat for easy access beneath furniture and mattresses, illuminating hidden dust in dimly lit spaces.


  • Adaptable design and a swivelling head
  • Appropriate for apartments
  • Includes LED lighting


  • Not ideal for thorough cleaning
  • When standing alone, it is imbalanced

The intelligence of the Shark AI Ultra Robot Vacuum will make cleaning your entire house a breeze. (and painless). Here’s how it works: On its first few runs, the vacuum will map out your entire house or apartment. You may then specify which rooms it should clean.

Shark IQ cleans in a row-by-row manner, rather than randomly bouncing around like other robot vacuums. Wi-Fi connectivity and voice control via Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant are also integrated, so all you have to do is point your vacuum in the right direction.


  • Both the Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant systems are supported
  • Cleans in a precise row-by-row rhythm
  • It comes with an auto-cleaning brush as well as an allergen filter


  • It is not possible to clean the built-in filter

Need a portable vacuum for car seats and other hard-to-reach areas? The Hoover ONEPWR BH57005 Cordless Handheld Vacuum is up to the task, with an included crevice tool and high suction, leaving no dust behind.

Although a charger is included, an additional 2Ah battery can be purchased to extend the battery life beyond 35 minutes. This vacuum weighs only 3 pounds and is extremely compact, making it ideal for people who have arthritis or other mobility issues.


  • For easy management, the weight is only 3 pounds
  • Battery replacement for increased runtime
  • The built-in filter can be cleaned


  • There is no brush attachment
  • There is only one battery included

The Miele vacuum’s filtration technology protects the engine and leaves the indoor air cleaner than before sweeping. This vacuum is not suitable for cleaning thicker carpets due to the lack of a brush roller. It is, nevertheless, an excellent alternative if your home is mostly hardwood with low-pile rugs or carpets scattered throughout.

Miele’s vacuum is specifically intended to keep hardwood floors gleaming. The 1,200-watt engine scoops up rubbish as the agile cleaning head slides easily around chairs and table legs.


  • Ideal for low-pile carpets
  • System of filtration for better indoor air quality
  • Cleaning is made easier by the flexible head design


  • Dense carpets are not recommended
  • Bulkier than rival models

Buying Guide


Before selecting a vacuum, it is critical to understand the many types of vacuum cleaners available and their key features:

  • Upright vacuums are standard vacuums with a motor and suction head contained within a single chassis. They are offered at various pricing points and frequently do not include luggage.
  • Stick vacuums are convenient since the dust canister is located at the top of the stick, where it is easily accessible. Furthermore, stick vacuums come with a variety of attachments that allow them to be used as both upright and handheld vacuums.
  • The most recent market entrants are robot vacuums. They are typically controlled by a smartphone app, allowing you to start your vacuum without being there. They can clean large areas efficiently, but their performance in corners and around obstacles is uneven.
  • Handheld vacuums are small enough to be carried around and typically come with a variety of attachments for getting into tight spots. These tools are great for small tasks or difficult-to-reach areas such as stairs, upholstered furniture, or your car.

Cleaning Purpose

Your individual cleaning requirements must also be considered. If you have fuzzy dogs, for example, you’ll need a vacuum that’s specifically designed to take pet hair from floors and carpets. A lightweight vacuum will not be enough for your car or rougher surfaces such as garages; in this case, look for utility and automobile-specific vacuums.

Furthermore, space must be considered. A lightweight stick vacuum may be appropriate for apartments and smaller areas, whereas a heavier upright vacuum is usually required for larger rooms. Some vacuums work better on certain types of flooring than others.


We’re not sure and think it’s irrelevant. However, suction is not the only aspect that contributes to a vacuum’s cleaning effectiveness. While suction pulls trash from the ground, airflow is required to force material into the trash can, and brush-roll action is required to remove dirt from carpet fibres. The Shark Navigator Lift-Away vacuum provided some of the best cleaning performance of any vacuum we tested.

It all depends. On the one hand, bagless variants have no recurring costs. Bags, on the other hand, can help a vacuum last longer by preventing material from gathering in difficult-to-clean regions and eventually clogging the vacuum over time.

Bags are often recommended by air quality experts for people with allergies or asthma since they are easier to dispose of without spilling trash or stirring up a cloud of dust. However, bags will need to be replenished several times a year, and if you have pets, they will likely fill up faster, increasing the cost.

If you pay more (sometimes a lot more) for a vacuum, you can get a machine that lasts longer (if we’re talking about Miele canister vacuums) or better convenience and¬†longer battery life (if we’re talking about Dyson cordless sticks).

Cleaning performance will be great in both the case of Miele canister vacuums and Dyson cordless sticks. Spending more money on a robot vacuum means you’ll have greater control over its cleaning routine and a self-emptying dock. It all depends on what you’re looking for. The majority of people are content with vacuums that cost around $150 and can last for several years.

After reading this article, choosing the Best Vacuum Cleaners for yourself will be much easier. You should be able to choose a product that you want with the help of our reviews so that your home is always clean.

Because Casual Living USA recognizes that many individuals suffer when it comes to purchasing household appliances and other essentials, we have decided to offer our knowledge and expertise in the form of articles. We wish you the best of luck on your shopping expedition!

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