Best Vacuums For Car In 2023

A good car vacuum may make cleaning the inside of your vehicle easier and more efficient.

To find the best solutions, we obtained over 100 vehicle vacuums from various manufacturers and tested them in The Lab and in real-world scenarios. During testing, we time each product’s unpacking and setup, assess its effectiveness on hard and soft surfaces using debris from your own vehicle, and assess how easy it is to empty the dust canister.

Here are the Best Vacuums For Car, as selected after extensive testing.


The BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX FLEX Vacuum is the most recent version of our “best overall” pick, the Flex Auto Vacuum, which we also enjoyed. The new version, like its predecessor, impressed us with its aesthetics, suction, and movement. It weighs 3.2 pounds and arrives ready to use.

In one minute, our tester unpacked and readied this vehicle vacuum for hard and soft surfaces. The 20V battery and 4-foot hose on the cordless model provide fade-free suction. According to Pomishchyk, this allows you to reach every component of your car.

GEN 2 FLEX, like Flex Auto, comes with a brush-nozzle tool and a long crevice attachment. Unlike previous generations, the GEN 2 includes a pet hair brush. The pet hair brush’s rubber bristles stair carpets and upholstered seats to gather up pet hair.

This car vacuum is effective, strong, and convenient. Despite the din, our tester could communicate. The transparent dust container is simple to open and empty. The charging time for this vacuum is four hours, but the docking station makes it simple. The 0.53-quart dust container will also save you a lot of visits to the garbage can.


  • Flexible, integrated hose for greater reach
  • Easy-to-empty trash can
  • The suction force is really strong
  • Design that is light in weight


  • Hose with a small diameter
  • Long charging time

This low-cost vehicle vacuum cleaner is effective and ready to use. It plugs into the 12V outlet in your vehicle and contains a 16-foot wire for cleaning upholstery, carpets, and cup holders. Both tests were easily passed by our product.

The flexible attachment hose appeared flimsy, but it held the crevice tool or brush tool securely. Because of its large size, this portable vacuum cannot reach behind vehicle seats or door pockets, but this extension can.

ThisWorx is not prohibited from performing light-duty automotive cleaning. We wish the nozzle tip was removable, as it can become clogged with dust or hair, as it can with other portable vehicle vacuums.

Its basic screen allowed some sand particles to get through. After vacuuming roughly 1/4 cup of sand, a few sand grains were detected escaping from the vacuum exhaust. Frequently empty the dust bin if you are cleaning sand or dirt.


  • Attachments for storage bags that can be used
  • Easily manoeuvrable and light in weight
  • Powerful sucking force


  • Small particles may be released via the exhaust vent
  • A vacuum’s nozzle tip can become clogged with debris

If cleaning your car is a luxury, invest in a high-end vacuum. The Hoover ONEPWR Blade MAX vehicle vacuum is handier than other vehicle vacuums. This cordless vehicle vacuum offers a longer runtime and multiple attachments for cleaning large and small garbage rapidly. Its extra price is justified by its longer battery life, better suction, and larger dust bin. It received 5 stars from our tester for its quiet standard suction mode.

The most difficult vacuum to construct took nearly four minutes, yet it was straightforward. The vacuum’s pieces snap together after the batteries have been charged. This cordless vacuum comes with two lithium-ion batteries to increase its runtime to 45 minutes. Each battery takes 3-4 hours to charge.

On hard surfaces, the Hoover ONEPWR Blade MAX removed sand off the automotive dashboard in a single pass. Cup holders, compartments, and door pockets are all accessible via attachments. It removes hair, debris, sand, and cereal from the carpet in one to two passes. Small particles in vehicle carpets are captured with less effort by the higher suction mode than by ordinary car vacuums. In two passes, the motorized brush tool eliminates short and long hair.

The hose on this cordless vacuum is long and flexible, and the dust canister is large. The manufacturer does not disclose the size of the dust bin, but our tester reports that it is larger than other vehicle vacuums we’ve tested. The dust bin is simple to remove from the vacuum, and its large aperture allows dirt and debris to fall into the trash can.


  • Several useful accessories
  • It comes with two rechargeable batteries
  • Large trash can
  • Fast battery charging


  • There is no vacuum or accessories stand
  • Without the crevice tool, it is impossible to gain access to restricted areas

The eufy HomeVac H30 Venture is the finest cordless vehicle vacuum since it is both convenient and efficient. We were particularly impressed by this cordless version’s performance on both hard and soft surfaces after testing other cordless variants.

The nozzle of the eufy HomeVac H30 is wide enough to collect large particles such as mulch, something previous cordless vehicle vacuums struggled to do. It also vacuums up tiny particles like sand and hair at the same time.

The 2-in-1 crevice tool came in helpful for us because the bristles could be flipped down for greater agitation as needed. The dust canister is small, as one would expect from a smaller auto vacuum.

The various power modes on this vacuum, max and eco, allow us to provide more power when needed (such as when removing hair from vehicle carpets) or conserve battery life while cleaning more basic problems. Despite its outstanding suction power, the HomeVac H30 is one of the noisiest vacuums we examined.


  • There are two kinds of powerful suction
  • Lightweight
  • It comes with a charging stand
  • Wide nozzle


  • At maximum volume, it is really loud

Battery-powered vehicle vacuums provide cordless mobility, but their power fades and the battery expires after about 20 minutes of use. If you want to properly clean your vehicle without having to worry about your car vacuum failing mid-task, we recommend a corded variety, such as the BLACK+DECKER dustbuster 12V Car Vacuum.

The BLACK+DECKER car vacuum looks like a regular vacuum cleaner but is designed for use in vehicles. It includes a 12V charger and a 16-foot power cord, allowing you to reach high and low points in your vehicle.

It has a long nozzle that we discovered is great for reaching under a car seat to get cereal, sand, and hair. For increased reach, a flexible hose is provided, which can be utilized with a long crevice tool or brush. It simply took a few passes to clean dirt from soft surfaces and one or two passes to clean dirt from hard surfaces.

The level of noise was standard for a vehicle vacuum and did not induce ringing in our ears. After cleaning, our tester appreciated being able to wrap the power line around the vacuum’s base and store the attachments in a bag.


  • The long nozzle provides adequate reach
  • Large garbage can
  • The vacuum’s power cord is wrapped around the base


  • The plastic construction appears to be brittle
  • The nozzle opening is restricted

Buying Guide


When purchasing a portable cleaning device, such as a vehicle vacuum, the weight is an important issue to consider. The majority of devices, especially corded versions without a rechargeable battery, should be fairly light. In contrast, cordless vehicle vacuums and those with a range of attachments may be heavier and, as a result, more difficult to manoeuvre when cleaning.

Our “lightest” option, the 70mai Vacuum Cleaner Swift Handled, weighs only 1.32 pounds. The trade-off is a smaller dust container, but the cleaning power remains strong and consistent. At roughly 7.5 pounds, the Armor All VOM205P Portable Wet/Dry Vacuum is the heaviest product on this list.

Energy Source

Most car vacuums may be connected directly to your vehicle’s 12V outlet, making them portable and easy to use on the go. Both models are obviously attached, restricting their movement and range.

If you choose a cordless option, you must consider the battery life and charging method. Some varieties may be recharged through USB, while others require three to four hours of regular home energy. This device requires a conventional home outlet to charge, but its quick charging time and long runtime make it a perfect alternative for active families.


If you wish to thoroughly clean your vehicle with your vacuum, be sure it has the essential accessories. A crevice tool can get into tight spaces, an extension hose can get under seats, and an upholstery brush can clean rid of embedded dirt in seats and floor mats. A model lacking these functions may not be able to clean your vehicle as thoroughly as required.


The dust bin or bag on your vehicle vacuum, like any other portable vacuum or dustbuster, should be accessible, removable, and simple to empty. Check the owner’s manual for your car vacuum to discover if the filter is washable or has to be updated.

The instructions should clearly state whether it is safe to clean the inside with soap and water or if a dust cloth is sufficient. If it was washed, all of its parts should be allowed to dry before reassembling.

If messes tend to accumulate between your car’s seats, a vacuum with the proper attachments will come in handy. Make sure the vacuum has a crevice tool and an extension hose, as these will allow you to reach tight locations where the main body of the vacuum cannot.

In addition to these necessary tools, it is possible to blast rubbish from even the smallest crevices. Some picks have a blower feature that allows you to target certain areas in this way.

If your chosen car vacuum is powered by the 12V plug in your vehicle, you may be concerned that using it would drain the battery. This is a problem, however, it is dependent on the power of your battery, how long your vacuum is, and how weak or old your vehicle’s battery is.

A quick clean is unlikely to completely deplete your battery, but if you’re concerned about cleaning the entire inside, a cordless model may be preferable.

Based on all of the information we’ve gathered and used on a regular basis, we’ve developed a list of what we believe to be the Best Vacuums For Car for keeping a clean interior. You’ve probably determined what to buy if you’ve gotten this far in the article. We appreciate you taking the time to read our articles. Casual Living USA hopes you enjoy your shopping experience.

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