Best Vacuums Under $100 For Your House

The majority of popular vacuum cleaners cost over $100, and some can cost a small fortune. However, finding the best vacuums under $100 is difficult. Most of these devices lack the notable features of more expensive ones, so you must strike the best balance. To help you narrow down your options, we’ve produced a list of the Best Vacuums Under $100.

First and foremost, you should not have great expectations for a vacuum that costs less than $100. Nonetheless, this Bissell has more than enough features to justify the higher price.


One Pass Technology is a unique feature that combines the power of a 12-amp motor with a beater bar. It won’t catch dirt in a single pass, but it will take less passes. The height of the beater bar may be changed to five different levels for cleaning different surfaces.

You will appreciate its wide accessories in addition to its power and performance. It comes with a turbo brush, which is unusual in this price range. As a result, removing pet hair from furniture will be a breeze. It also comes with a crevice tool and an extension wand for cleaning above the floor.

There are other convenient features including a cord holder for the 25-foot rope and an easy disposal mechanism. Given its superior features, the Bissell 9595A must be the best vacuum cleaner under $100.


  • It is bagless and thus inexpensive to maintain
  • It is simple to clean the container
  • Not too loud
  • Given the price, the chord length is adequate


  • When using the attachments, it topples
  • The switch is in an inconvenient location

The iwoly V600 is the best vacuum cleaner for under $100. A fantastic canister vacuum that I believe you will enjoy. It is nimble and offers access to limited locations as a stick vacuum. It also only weighs 4.8 pounds, allowing you to operate with it for hours.

iwoly can be transformed into a portable cleaning device for above-floor surfaces. Furthermore, at 3.3 pounds, it is substantially lighter as a portable. This device packs a powerful punch in terms of strength. It is an air-powered device that works best on hard surfaces, but it can lift practically anything with 15 KPA of airpower.

In addition, the iwoly V600 comes with a basic HEPA filter and a wall-mounting bracket for storage.


  • It is simple to empty the garbage
  • Bright
  • Strong while being inexpensive
  • It is simple to use


  • Rugs are not covered by this policy
  • The rope is only 16.4 feet long

Shark HV292 is the next best vacuum under $100 on this list. If you acquire this, keep in mind that you are purchasing a device for above-floor cleaning and modest duties.

It is as light as a portable at 3.7 pounds. As a result, you can work long hours without growing tired. Despite being a portable and lightweight device, it is durable. It keeps suction even when the dirt bin is nearly full, which is quite useful.

The motorized vacuum head will be valued next. You may use it to remove pet hair from carpets and upholstery because it is powered. The flexible motorized head helps you to clean a variety of surfaces while maintaining suction. 


  • A machine that is both versatile and powerful
  • The length of the cord is adequate for a portable vacuum cleaner
  • Because the filter is washable, it is less expensive to maintain
  • It is not heavy


  • It has an end-mounted handle and is unbalanced
  • The length of the stretch hose is limited

EUREKA 3670G must be included on this list of the best vacuum cleaners for a variety of reasons, which I will explain shortly. It is a canister vacuum, and I would recommend it to individuals who are familiar with how it works.

In terms of the intriguing parts, I’ll start with better filtering. Although it lacks a HEPA filter, the Smart Seal filtration keeps allergens out of your home.

It also has a blower attachment and operates as a blower, making it ideal for use in a garage. A sliding ring allows you to adjust the suction of the vacuum to clean different surfaces.


  • Two extension wands are included to expand the cleaning area
  • The power wire is quite long
  • It has basic controls that may be operated with your fingertips
  • Reduces overheating


  • Carpeting is not recommended
  • Consumables must be purchased as a bagged unit

Edges and corners are tough to vacuum, and just a few vacuums can handle them. Cleaning around furniture feet, on the other hand, is more difficult, thus the Bissell PowerEdge 81L2A has to be featured in this list of the best vacuum cleaners under $100. Its V-shaped cleaning head helps it to get up and personal with furniture legs.

The V-shape is also useful for directing heavier debris toward the massive hole in the centre. I was sceptical about the design since I was concerned about its ability to clean the edges, but it turned out to be great. Bissell 81L2A is only ideal for hard surfaces and low-pile carpets; do not expect it to work on high-pile carpets.

You can labour for hours on end with its light weight of 7.5 pounds. The swivelling turning promotes manoeuvrability, and emptying the bin is straightforward.


  • Maintenance is straightforward for a bagless vacuum
  • It is simple to use
  • Sturdy


  • Only works on hard surfaces. It is not suitable for above-floor cleaning and is ineffective on carpets


Buying Guide

There are stick, upright, and canister vacuums available.

Although a canister vacuum cleaner is easier to maneuver than an upright, stick vacuums are the lightest. Which of these three alternatives will you choose?

Canisters are said to be more powerful and quieter than uprights. A vacuum cleaner may be too bulky and awkward to take up and down stairs. If you need portable equipment, a lighter and less expensive stick vacuum is a great option.

Bag versus bagless

A bagged vacuum collects dirt in a bag that must be replaced on a regular basis. These bags contain larger particles, safeguarding the motor. Allergy sufferers should choose bagged varieties because the dust is contained.

Consider the expenses associated with purchasing new bags. Bagless vacuums have dust containers that must be emptied, which may be a problem for dust-sensitive people. Larger dust particles may circulate outside of the dust cup and become entangled in the motor, causing damage.

Equipment weight

Although stick vacuums are the lightest, most vacuums are not considered featherweight. Stick vacuums under $100 frequently weigh less than 10 pounds. They are ideal for anyone who has mobility issues. A vacuum that weighs up to 15 pounds is frequently light enough to carry up and down stairs.

Easy to troubleshoot

Vacuum cleaners clog, so you’ll have to play detective to figure out what’s wrong. Not every vacuum cleaner, no matter how expensive, is simple to remove and reassemble. Though there are guides available to help you troubleshoot your specific vacuum, it helps to have a model that is fairly simple to repair when it loses suction.

The degree of noise

Vacuum cleaners are notoriously loud, whether you use a stick, upright, or canister model. Stick vacuums, on the other hand, are the quietest because they are compact and have smaller engines. If you want to vacuum when everyone in the house is sleeping, consider using a stick vacuum.

Wireless vs. corded

A corded vacuum is powered by an electrical socket, but it never runs out of juice while cleaning. A cordless vacuum, on the other hand, does not require a plug and avoids the risk of tripping over a cable when cleaning.

A stick vacuum is ideal for cleaning bare floors and low-pile carpets that require thorough cleaning. A stick vacuum is great for eliminating stray hairs from your bathroom’s tile floor. You wouldn’t want to drag your regular vacuum around just to get rid of a few hairs. Many stick varieties are cordless, making them ideal for quick cleaning around the house.

Straight suction draws material into a bag, but cyclonic suction separates heavy dirt into a bin and small particles into a filter. Cyclonic is a relatively new technology that rapidly spins trapped air using the vacuum’s fan. There are dual-cyclonic and multi-cyclonic vacuums. Inexplicably, cyclonic technology is available in low-cost forms.

Above, the Best Vacuums Under $100 are our picks. Pricing, availability, and reader feedback are all factors we evaluate. If you want to make a decision, check out our vacuum reviews for under $100. Avoid worrying about minutiae. Most vacuums are adequate for most people, and variations are typically hidden unless you look for them.

Casual Living USA always hopes to offer our knowledge and expertise to help you purchase household appliances and other essentials. We wish you the best of luck with your shopping experience!

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